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Volume 3, Number 1-2, Spring-Summer 2002.
03 svi 2002 05:22:00


Gordon N. Bardos: Prospects for Stability in Southeastern Europe

Helena Khotkova: The Russian View: Problems and Perspectives in the Balkans.

Miroslav Medjimorec: Prospects for the Balkans and the Limits to Stability

Valentin Stankov: The Balkans, the World and the National Security of Bulgaria

Valentin Stankov: Ethnic-Pyschological Dimensions of the Balkan Security



Drago Ferš:  From Security and Intelligence Service to Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency



Vladimir Šimović, Vilko Žiljak, Tomislav Kosić: Modeling of Modern Business Intelligence Analytical Functions Based on Stochastic Simulation 


Volume 3, Number 1-2
Spring-Summer 2002
ISSN 1332-4454

Prof. dr. Miroslav Tuđman, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia

Editorial Board:

Doc. W. Agrell, Lund University, Sweden
Prof. Christopher Andrew, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, U K
Gen. Todor Boyadjiev, President Bulgarian Euro Atlantic Intelligence Forum, Sofia, Bulgaria
Prof. dr. Stevan Dedijer, Consultant in Intergrated Intelligence, Lund University, Sweden
Drago Fereš, former director of SOVA, Slovenia
Richard Kerr, Consultant, Former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence and Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, USA
Admiral Pierre Lacoste, Former General Director of the DGSE, France
Gen. Nikolai Leonov, Former Deputy Director of the KGB, USSR
Prof. dr. Klaus Lange, Dir. Institute for Transnational Studies, Landshut, Head of Dept. for International Security Politics, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Munich
Ivo Lučić, Researcher, Ljubuški, BH
Prof. dr. Janos Matus, Zrinyi Miklos National Defense, Dept. of Security Studies, Hungary
Miroslav Međimorec, Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zagreb, Croatia
Gen. Leonid Shebarshin, President of the Russian National Economic Security Service, Moscow, RF; Former Deputy Director of KGB SSSR
Doug Smith, Consultant, Former Deputy
Richard Stolz, Consultant, Former Deputy Director for Operations Central Intelligence Agency, USA

Secretary: Željka Jukić
English Language Editors: Julienne Bušić, Prof. Richard R. Shultz
Computer layout: Mario Miljavac
Printed by: KATMA, Zagreb

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Cover picture: New York, September 11, 2001.

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