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Protecting Dayton’s Shared Governance by Countering Faux Narratives of Russia’s Influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
Striking at the core of the Dayton peace bargain, the anti-Dayton unitarists want the DPA to guarantee BiH’s external borders, while urging the international community to dismiss the DPA designed two-entity state structure (important to Serbs) or ethnic power-sharing (important to Croats) to impose a centralized, unitary state with a majority rule, or the so-called “civic state.” However, besides thwarting (Serb) secessionism and (Croat) separatism, the purpose of Dayton has been to prevent (Bosniak) majoritarianism.
Autor: Marta Vrbetic | Objavljeno: 12 tra 2024 05:59:00
Zaštita okoliša tijekom provedbe vojnih aktivnosti u obalnom području na primjeru rta Kamenjak - Environmental protection during the implementation of military activities in the coastal area on the example of Cape Kamenjak
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
Postoje brojni i složeni izazovi u zaštiti nacionalnih interesa na Jadranu. Međutim, uz optimalnu uporabu i odgovornost svih korisnika i mjerodavnih organizacija mogu se naći primjereni modeli za njihovo rješavanje. Zbog toga je težište rada na sagledavanju i definiranju suvremenih izazova kao i strategije zaštite važnih nacionalnih interesa, vidljivo na primjeru vojnog modela uporabe i zaštite vrijedne mikrolokacije na Jadranu kao što je zaštićeno područje Rt Kamenjak.
Autor: Blaž Beretin, Mladen Viher | Objavljeno: 12 tra 2024 05:24:00
Russian Subversive Influence on Islamic Radicalism in the Countries of the Western Balkans
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
Russian authorities are fueling new political and interethnic conflicts through their secret services and the pro-Russian structures they created in the region on a continual basis in order to push back Western influence on the Western Balkans and especially in order to hinder those countries from being integrated into the EU and the NATO, and they are also sabotaging the efforts by the EU and the USA to normalize relationships between Serbia and Kosovo, and they are likewise supporting Serbian separatist endeavors in Bosnia-Hercegovina.
Autor: Kolë Krasniqi | Objavljeno: 10 tra 2024 06:11:00
Suvremeni izvori gospodarskog rasta u procesu uključivanja Bosne i Hercegovine u Europsku uniju - Contemporary Sources of Economic Growth in the Process of Joining Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
Cilj provedenog istraživanja jest pregled teorijskih aspekata ulaganja u istraživanje i razvoj kao čimbenika gospodarskog rasta te analiza gospodarskog stanja te stanje ulaganja u istraživanje i razvoj u Bosni i Hercegovini.
Autor: Marko Tomljanović, Dragan Mišetić, Sanja Gongeta | Objavljeno: 10 tra 2024 06:10:00
Enhancing Cyber Security and Counterintelligence in the Shipping Industry
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
The contemporary landscape of cyber threats presents a multifaceted array of challenges, characterized by the involvement of diverse actors ranging from non-state entities like organized crime syndicates and terrorist organizations to state-sponsored operatives affiliated with nations such as China, Russia, and Iran
Autor: Anastasios-Nikolaos Kanellopoulos | Objavljeno: 10 tra 2024 06:09:00
Hibridna inteligencija kao nositelj protuobavijesti I hibridnih prijetnji u kiberprostoru - Hybrid Intelligence as a Carrier of Counterintelligence and Hybrid Threats in Cyberspace
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
Hibridna inteligencija prikazana je ključnim čimbenikom koji je u kiberprostoru omogućio da se ova kategorija korisničkih podataka koristi za stvaranje hibridnih prijetnji. Člankom se želi ukazati na to da su sustavi umjetne inteligencije koje koriste društvene mreže ljudskom čimbeniku omogućile učinkovitije iskorištavanje slabosti političkog i društvenog uređenja na osnovu osobnih podataka o uvjerenjima i sklonostima korisnika društvenih mreža koji toga nisu dovoljno svjesni.
Autor: Nikola Mlinac | Objavljeno: 10 tra 2024 06:08:00
Matrix Adaptation for Modern Challenges: Nuechterlien’s Role in National Interest Research
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
The recognition that national interest encompasses both internal and external dimensions, related to the political stability and order of the state as well as its international position and security, underscores the paper's significance. This enhanced matrix offers researchers and policymakers a more comprehensive tool for nuanced analyses of national security concerns.
Autor: Milica Ćurčić, Zoran Dragišić, Marina Dabetić | Objavljeno: 10 tra 2024 06:07:00
Telegram as a Specific Playground of the Kremlin’s Information Operations in Serbia
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
Nature of influence operation differs in accordance of strategic goals of involved actors. Impact of influence operations is not same in peace and war time.
Autor: Ilija Životić, Darko Obradović | Objavljeno: 10 tra 2024 06:03:00
“Be Brave Like Ukraine”: Strategic Communication and the Mediatization of War
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
The analysis is framed within the academic fields of strategic communication, military innovation theory, and theories on the mediatization of war. It aims to provide a nuanced understanding of Ukrainian strategic communication by focusing on how it is shaped and functions within specific historical, cultural, political, and social milieus, thus offering a holistic view of its evolution and impact during wartime.
Autor: Per-Erik Nilsson, Ivar Ekman | Objavljeno: 10 tra 2024 06:02:00
Democratic Security: A Concept for the Swedish Total Defense Approach
(Volume 25, No. 1, 2024.)
This paper gives an overview of Democratic Security, a model created in order to answer to two primary questions: what does it mean to posit democracy and the rule of law as critical assets?
Autor: Anders Strindberg | Objavljeno: 10 tra 2024 06:01:00
Conclusions of the 8th Zagreb Security Forum
(Volume 24, No. 3, 2023.)
The numerous security challenges, that we are faced with daily, point to the need for a comprehensive development of the EU's abilities and capabilities in creating and strengthening preventive and deterrent defense and security capacities. They should be complementary to NATO abilities and capabilities.
Autor: Assist. Prof. Gordan Akrap | Objavljeno: 19 pro 2023 04:39:00
The Iranian Involvement in the War in Ukraine and its Implication on Broader Arenas as the Middle-East - The Test Case of Unmanned Drones
(Volume 24, No. 3, 2023.)
While relating to the Iranian involvement in the war in Ukraine, we need to refer to some relevant studies, that can illuminate the rationale of states sponsoring terror. Scholars related to the support terror groups receive as ideology, budget, or training facilities, from states that sympathize with their cause and share an identical agenda. Their targets are chosen thorough a decision-making process according to the probability that the terror groups' demands will be attained more effectively, and thus, the related attacks are considered as successful.
Autor: Dr. Barak Bouks | Objavljeno: 19 pro 2023 04:37:00
Menadžment privatne sigurnosti u suvremenom dobu - Private Security Management in the Modern Time
(Volume 24, No. 3, 2023.)
Zajedničkim djelovanjem četiri ključna čimbenika – završetak Hladnoga rata, promjene u različitim oblicima sukobljavanja i ratovanja, povećani obujam pretvorbe i privatizacije u mnogim područjima kao i koncentracija velike količine svjets-koga bogatstva kod malog postotka vrlo bogatog stanovništva, nastaju nove tržišne niše i potrebe za pojavom industrije koju zovemo industrija sigurnosti. Okončanje Hladnoga rata dovelo je do značajnog smanjenja broja oružanih snaga, a u istom razdoblju i do porasta općih sigurnosnih ugroza suvremenog doba.
Autor: Dragan Mišetić i Gordan Radić | Objavljeno: 19 pro 2023 04:36:00
Crisis Management Through Verbal and Non-verbal Communication – Zelensky vs Putin
(Volume 24, No. 3, 2023.)
From the aspect of crisis communication, that is what we will call a sudden and unforeseen situations that puts people's lives, property, safety, health and psychological stability at risk and that require a rational and calm response and a strategic approach to its management. It is clear that the war in Ukraine has become a communication war, a war of propaganda, information and disinformation.
Autor: Margareta Gregić, PhD candidate and Jelena Božić, PhD candidate | Objavljeno: 19 pro 2023 04:35:00
Western Balkans Salafist Networks and Terrorism in Albania: An Interdisciplinary Analysis
(Volume 24, No. 3, 2023.)
In this interdisciplinary analysis, we delve into the intricate web of factors that converge in Albania, one of the Western Balkans' pivotal countries, to explore the interplay between Salafism, terrorism, and the broader socio-political landscape (Karagiannis, 2014).
Autor: Anastasios-Nikolaos Kanellopoulos, PhD candidate | Objavljeno: 19 pro 2023 04:34:00
Confluence of Influence: Russo-Serbian Influence Operations(s) in Montenegro
(Volume 24, No. 3, 2023.)
This study delves into three pivotal case studies, analyzing some of the influential figures driving Russo-Serbian influence operations in Montenegro. It seeks to determine whether these instances can be categorized as cognitive warfare tactics, whether they are coordinated and what is the level of their impact.
Autor: Ljubomir Filipović, PhD candidate | Objavljeno: 19 pro 2023 04:33:00
ISIS’s digital Jihad Preparation
(Volume 24, No. 3, 2023.)
Terrorists have adeptly seized upon the potential of cyberspace, strategically imitating successful tactics employed by like-minded, assimilating lessons from past mistakes, and adapting to exigencies of both the present and future.
Autor: Eleni Kapsokoli, PhD | Objavljeno: 19 pro 2023 04:32:00
Total Warning
(Volume 24, No. 3, 2023.)
In this article, it is explored in what ways we can warn in order to protect our way of life and our critical infrastructures. This is done from a methodological perspective.
Autor: Assoc.Prof. Giliam de Valk | Objavljeno: 19 pro 2023 04:31:00
Informacijske operacije kao sredstvo kognitivne superiornosti – Teorija i istraživanje termina u BiH
(Volume 24, No. 2, 2023.)
Masovni mediji više ne prenose samo interpretacije svršenih događaja ili modeliraju narativ nego i uče ciljanu publiku kako pravilno razmišljati time producirajući bihevioralni ishod političkog i socijalnog karaktera. Posljedično političko-sigurnosnom evolucijom, komunikacija je postala sredstvom novog hibridnog rata gdje je cilj kognitivna superiornost kao ultimativni alat podčinjavanja i vladanja.
Autor: Robert Kolobara, PhD | Objavljeno: 05 srp 2023 04:24:00
Information Operations as a Means of Cognitive Superiority - Theory and Term Research in Bosnia and Herzegovina
(Volume 24, No. 2, 2023.)
Various authors write that there have been many developments in smaller intellectual centers around the world for the potential development of cyber control of basic thought processes for large segments of the world's general population.
Autor: Robert Kolobara, PhD | Objavljeno: 05 srp 2023 04:03:00
Strategic Studies, Strategy, and Strategic Thinking in Study of Security
(Volume 24, No. 2, 2023.)
Decisions made by military commanders based on technological progress accelerates developments and tempo of battlefields and can fundamentally influence the course of military operations in a theater.
Autor: Mgr. Jurjaj Cséfalvay, Assoc.Prof. Rastislav Kazanský | Objavljeno: 05 srp 2023 03:23:00
Hybrid and war Actions of the Russian federation at Sea: Lessons Learned, Cooperative Countering and Prospectives
(Volume 24, No. 1, 2023.)
As is known, the technology of hybrid war involves achieving the greatest effect by combining informational, economic, political and other actions with limited military operations. If the hybrid actions do not achieve the goal, then, as evidenced by the experience of the Russian-Ukrainian war, there is a transition to unlimited military actions.
Autor: Stepan Yakymiak, PhD | Objavljeno: 05 sij 2023 05:47:00
Military Aspects of Countering Hybrid Aggression: Ukrainian Experiences
(Volume 24, No. 1, 2023.)
Ukraine became the object of military aggression by Russia, which became the realization of the final phase of hybrid aggression. This aggression has been carried out without stopping all the time since the independence of Ukraine.
Autor: Viacheslav Semenenko, PhD; Valery Frolov, PhD | Objavljeno: 05 sij 2023 05:46:00
Incentivizing Low-level Organization Members By Increasing Their Behaviour Factors Is Crucial For An Innovative And Secure Up-to-date Workforce
(Volume 23, No. 3, 2022.)
The modern organization of today is an organization of change – therefore an organization of projects. Constant progress and projects are needed to “keep afloat” in the business world. Structurally and process-oriented, where structure adapts to the processes. The efficiency of processes relies on human factors – BEHAVIOUR factors.
Autor: Krešimir Fileš, Phd candidate, MBA MHRES | Objavljeno: 02 stu 2022 04:13:00
The securitisation of development in Africa: causes, mechanism, and consequences
(Volume 23, No. 3, 2022.)
For decades, the African continent witnessed organized looting of its natural resources and capabilities by the major colonial powers. This region is rich in its various resources, and African labor was vital fuel for the industrial revolution in Europe during the nineteenth century. With the emergence of the liberation waves during the middle of the last century, most African states gave development projects the highest priority in their political agenda.
Autor: Dr. Hichem Derradji, Dr. Ali Madouni | Objavljeno: 02 stu 2022 04:11:00
Media information operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina - cognitive battlefield and use of digital neurotoxicants
(Volume 23, No. 3, 2022.)
The media and political scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina is extremely active and creative. It institutionalizes and perfectly channels a huge amount of negativity and a strong desire for domination of one nation over another with many innovative lies. Among other things, a hybrid war against the Croat and Serb constituent peoples is being waged through television, internet, and print media, with the aim of building a Bosniak nation-state with the camouflaged name of civil B&H (one man one vote).
Autor: Robert Kolobara, PhD | Objavljeno: 02 stu 2022 04:09:00
How the war in Ukraine affects Russian economy and Sino-Russian relations
(Volume 23, No. 3, 2022.)
Russia surprised the international community when it decided to invade Ukraine on 24th of February 2022. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a "military operation" in Ukraine under the pretext of protecting the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. Putin called on Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms. Shortly after, the Russian army started bombing strategic facilities in the suburbs of Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv.
Autor: Valeri Modebadze | Objavljeno: 02 stu 2022 04:07:00
The War in Ukraine Through the Prism of Presidential Decision-Making Processes, vis-à-vis Media and Cyber Warfare
(Volume 23, No. 2, 2022.)
A rational decision-making process evolves calculating gains or losses of any possible theoretical outcome, as it is aimed towards arriving at the best calculated result one can choose. The decision maker provides an equivalent weight to various opinions, culminating with "Opposing" ones. His cabinet or council of experts backed by military personnel, convey their professional opinion.
Autor: Barak Bouks, PhD | Objavljeno: 26 ožu 2022 07:25:00
EU-NATO and the Eastern Partnership Countries Against Hybrid Threats (2016-2021)
(Volume 23, No. 2, 2022.)
From the EU and NATO perspective, shared resilience, the identification of key vulnerabilities and a shared risk assessment demand a synchronization of efforts between partners, member states, civil and private sectors, and the EU-NATO institutions to contribute towards the deterrence against hybrid threats. As a first line of defense, shared resilience requires a shared understanding of security threats as well as a shared awareness and assessment of joint vulnerabilities and security risks. It also demands flexibility, institutional adaptability, responsiveness, strong leadership and cooperation, knowledge transfer and a rapid, agile, and efficient decision-making process.
Autor: Vira Ratsyborinska, PhD | Objavljeno: 26 ožu 2022 07:24:00
Fundamentals of the Comprehensive Use of Military and Non-Military Forces and Means to Counter the Hybrid Aggression
(Volume 23, No. 2, 2022.)
In this context, settlement of an armed conflict is considered as a process of coherent interaction between international structures responsible for international security and peacekeeping as well as for security and defense sector components that can be targeted at protecting national interests in order to take all possible actions and measures conducted simultaneously or sequentially to solve issues that have led to unleashing the conflict.
Autor: Anatoliy Sirotenko; Viacheslav Semenenko | Objavljeno: 26 ožu 2022 07:23:00
Russia`s Total War: A Challenge and a Threat to Europe
(Volume 23, No. 2, 2022.)
Russia has a two-pronged approach to Ukraine, combining a significant increase in conventional forces with non-military operations aimed at undermining Ukraine's economic, political and military independence. The Russian-Ukrainian crisis could be a turning point for European security.
Autor: col. Viacheslav Semenenko PhD, col (ret.) Andrii Ivashenko PhD | Objavljeno: 02 ožu 2022 02:51:00
Digital Authoritarianism “Made in China”: Installing a Digital Dystopia
(Volume 23, No. 1, 2022.)
This paper reviews the Chinese model of digital authoritarianism and highlights its implications for democracy and civil liberties, since China is aiming to export its model around the globe.
Autor: Andrew N. Liaropoulos | Objavljeno: 10 vlj 2022 11:37:00
EU-HYBNET: Empowering a Pan-European Network to Counter Hybrid Threats
(Volume 23, No. 1, 2022.)
Hybrid threats aim to exploit a country’s vulnerabilities and often seek to undermine fundamental democratic values and liberties.
Autor: José L. Diego, Iván L. Martínez | Objavljeno: 03 vlj 2022 11:05:00
Hybrid Warfare: A Dramatic Example of Conceptual Stretching
(Volume 23, No. 1, 2022.)
The primary objective of this article is to analyse why the concept of hybrid warfare is so contested in the way it has so far been conceptualised by international security scholars and practitioners. In addition, this article will briefly discuss possible implications of the lack of con-ceptual clarity surrounding hybrid warfare for the West’s defence policy.
Autor: Tarik Solmaz | Objavljeno: 03 vlj 2022 10:59:00
How the Coronavirus Pandemic Contributed to the Rise of Authoritarianism Through the World
(Volume 23, No. 1, 2022.)
The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of pressure on governments around the world to quickly and timely ease the crisis and take swift action to stop the disease. The response of different states in the world to the pandemic was different and they chose various strategies to stop the crisis.
Autor: Valeri Modebadze | Objavljeno: 03 vlj 2022 10:56:00
Chinese Hybrid Warfare Approach and the Logic of Strategy
(Volume 23, No. 1, 2022.)
The strategic realignment of the United Kingdom, USA, Japan, and Australia that has been in place since 2021 to contain China's international activism is a signal of a highly protective containment strategy currently deployed by the western allies Preuzmite članak u PDF formatuled by Washington, but it is especially proof that Chinese policies are creating counter-reactions.
Autor: Laris Gaiser | Objavljeno: 03 vlj 2022 10:52:00
Intelligence Challenges in Countering Hybrid Threats
(Volume 23, No. 1, 2022.)
In intelligence, threats constitute actions, facts, states, capabilities, strategies, plans with an impact on national security objectives, values and interests. They are, usually, firmly delimited from risks and vulnerabilities, and can be internal or external, traditional, asymmetric, hybrid, conventional or non conventional, traditional or non traditional.
Autor: Florian Coldea | Objavljeno: 03 vlj 2022 10:48:00
Analytic Black Holes: A Data-Oriented Perspective
(Volume 23, No. 1, 2022.)
Human Analysis is likely to develop more towards to limit the number of data taken into account, but those data will have a high causal significance. Machine Analysis, on the other hand, will process huge amount of data and focus on correlations in the first place. Augmented Intelligence, will be a merger of both, that can manifest itself by different combinations of both.
Autor: Giliam de Valk | Objavljeno: 03 vlj 2022 10:30:00
Impact of Social and Security Factors on the Intensity of Integration of Immigrants to the EU
(Volume 22, No. 3, 2021.)
Among the social factors that significantly influence immigration policies in the European Union, the authors singled out the following: demography, identity-culture, economy, socio-political and security factors. The main goal is to see how these social factors affect the intensity of immigration. The authors opt for MIPEX as an instrument for measuring immigration policy, which expresses political tendencies towards the integration of migrants.
Autor: Zoran Milosavljević, dr. Andrijana Maksimović | Objavljeno: 21 pro 2021 09:49:00
Decentralized Security Systems in Hybrid War Conditions with an Emphasis on the Security System in Bosnia and Herzegovina
(Volume 22, No. 3, 2021.)
Hybrid warfare perhaps fits best into Sun Tzu's philosophy of war, the essence of which is to defeat the enemy in the shortest possible time with as little material and technical resources, and lost human lives, as possible, both on the side of the attacker and the defender.  
Autor: Ph.D. Jerko Livaja | Objavljeno: 21 pro 2021 09:28:00
National Interest in Security Science: a Realist Perspective
(Volume 22, No. 3, 2021.)
A review of the literature and its analysis provides an overview of the main findings of prominent realists who shaped the national interest and created a solid foundation for future research: Hans Morgentau, Raymond Aron, and Kenneth Waltz. Consequently, the scientific goals of this paper are to summarize the scope and manner of national interest’s thematization in realist’s research and, to analyze the significance of their scientific contribution to the Science of Security.
Autor: Dr. Darko Trifunović, Milica Ćurčić | Objavljeno: 21 pro 2021 09:23:00
Conflict Coverage by Terror Movements’ use of Mass Media and New Media – the case of Irani Proxies: Hamas, Hezboallah and the Hutis
(Volume 22, No. 3, 2021.)
This study will relate through a scrutinization of these terror movements media in specific test cases, to the following hypotheses: These terror movements are guided by Iran as proxies in order to conduct pro-Iranian cognitive warfare.
Autor: Dr. Barak Bouks | Objavljeno: 21 pro 2021 09:12:00
Cyber-Jihad in Western Balkans
(Volume 22, No. 3, 2021.)
Terrorists use cyberspace to collect data, raise funds, conduct propaganda, spread radical ideologies and hate speech as well as for the purposes of radicalization, recruitment and operational planning. Social media platforms provide a fertile ground to extend the radical ideologies, to spread terror and to connect with people who share the same views.
Autor: Eleni Kapsokoli | Objavljeno: 21 pro 2021 08:52:00
Analysis of the Foreign Malign Influence in Montenegro 2019-2021
(Volume 22, No. 3, 2021.)
The Balkans region remains one of the most significant global security challenges and remains a zone of friction where many global influences and spheres of interest meet. Therefore, even a small country like Montenegro sometimes finds itself playing a role that significantly exceeds its size and importance on the global political stage. Since Roman times, the territory of present-day Montenegro has been a borderland, and if you take a look at the map and the borderline between the Eastern and Western Roman empire at the time of the split, it almost perfectly cuts Montenegro in half.
Autor: Ljubomir Filipović | Objavljeno: 21 pro 2021 08:46:00
Leksikon izvještajnog nazivlja (1. dio) - Lexicon of Intelligence and Security Terminology (Part 1)
(Volume 22, No. 1-2, 2021.)
Donosimo prvi dio Leksikona izvještajnog nazivlja (nešto više od 120 definicija) kojeg je u većem dijelu autor prof.dr.Miroslav Tuđman. Na njemu je prof.Tuđman, s dužim pauzama, radio skoro 20 godina. U bazi podataka evidentirano je nešto više od 3000 pojmova povezanih s izvještajno-sigurnosnim djelovanjem, bez obzira radi li se o djelovanju izvještajno-sigurnosnih agencija ili nadležnih policijskih tijela. 
Autor: Miroslav Tuđman, Gordan Akrap, Vedran Matošić | Objavljeno: 18 kol 2021 02:43:00
International criminal law and terrorism
(Volume 22, No. 1-2, 2021.)
With the expansion of terrorism and increasingly brutal ways of expressing this type of crime, there is a need for even closer international criminal cooperation of sovereign states in the development of legal mechanisms for the prevention and punishment of perpetrators of these criminal acts.
Autor: Dr. Darko Trifunović | Objavljeno: 18 kol 2021 02:34:00
Creeping Occupation of Georgian Territories and Russian Aggression Against Georgians Living in Occupied Territories
(Volume 22, No. 1-2, 2021.)
Georgia’s security environment has significantly deteriorated since the 2008 August War and Russian occupational forces have created enormous problems for the local civilian population. Russian military bases are only 40 kilometers away from the capital, Tbilisi and they represent a monumental threat to the sovereignty of Georgia.
Autor: Valeri Modebadze | Objavljeno: 18 kol 2021 02:27:00
The Israeli Challenge of Cognitive Influencing
(Volume 22, No. 1-2, 2021.)
Information and intelligence products must be put to use in the struggle for cognitive raising. Intelligence gathering is no longer just part of the secret war. It has become an integral factor in the effort to acquire materials from various sources to expose and refute enemy accusations and efforts to disseminate fake news.
Autor: dr. Ephraim Lapid | Objavljeno: 18 kol 2021 02:21:00
European Intelligence Cooperation: A Greek Perspective
(Volume 22, No. 1-2, 2021.)
Effective intelligence cooperation is hard to achieve even at the national level as different services compete for resources and attention from the decision makers, past terrorist incidents in Europe served as a wake up for the public and private institutions to promote intelligence sharing and cooperation among European Union institutions and Member States. 
Autor: John M. Nomikos | Objavljeno: 18 kol 2021 02:17:00
Programs and Investments in Disruptive Technologies in Defence
(Volume 22, No. 1-2, 2021.)
New dimension of threats are shaping radically new questions for defence communities, which are, in turn demanding fundamentally new answers, underpinned by unconventional mind-sets and integration of methods that facilitate both.
Autor: Mirko Šundov | Objavljeno: 18 kol 2021 02:09:00
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