Intelligence seminar in Multinational Division Centre HQ
05 tra 2023 08:43:00

The preparation for deterring adversaries and defending our nations and the Alliance can be conducted not only on the shooting range but in an auditorium, too: to do so, on 04 April, more than 140 soldiers - from NATO Force Integration Unit Hungary, Nato Force Integration Unit Slovakia, eVA BG HUN🇭🇺, the SVK🇸🇰 Armed Forces, the HUN🇭🇺 Defence Forces and of course, HQ MND-C - participated in the Intel Seminar organized by the HQ MND-C G2 division.


COL Tomáš PJENTEK /🇸🇰 (SVK Armed Forces), COL Markus REISNER /🇦🇹 (AUT Armed Forces Bundesheer), Gordan AKRAP /🇭🇷 (Hybrid Warfare Research Institute, Zagreb Security Forum), Krisztián JÓJÁRT /🇭🇺 (Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies of the National University of Public Service Stratégiai Védelmi Kutatóintézet - NKE) and András Rácz /🇭🇺 (German Council on Foreign Relations) shared their thoughts and expertise on different aspects of the Russian-Ukrainian war, such as lessons identified on operational level from Slovakian point of view, the effects of donations by other nations to Ukraine and Russia on the offensive after the winter period, evaluation of the past year from the hybrid war perspective, the Russian theoretical background and its relation to the actual events of the war, the global situation in connection to the war, how the “big picture” has changed during the past year and how the war can evolve in the close future - topics from which every member of the audience can truly benefit.

📷: SGM Michael FANUKO
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